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Рейтинг брокеров бинарных опционов, лучших за 2020 год:
  • Бинариум

    № 1 в рейтинге! Лучший брокер с самыми большими бонусами за открытие счета! Гарантия честности и надежности. Идеально для новичков!

  • ФинМакс

    Большое количество инструментов для трейдинга. Хороший выбор для опытных трейдеров!

Аббревиатуры, употребляемые при морских перевозках

Аббревиатуры, употребляемые при морских перевозках

Always Accessible Always Afloat

Always Afloat or Safe Aground. Condition for a vessel whilst in port

Toward the rear (stern) of the ship. Behind.

On or within the ship

On the deck (not over it — see ALOFT)

Additional chartering terms at the end of a charter party

Arrival First Sea Pilot Station (Norway)

The hiring of a ship in whole or part

ТОП-3 лучших брокера БО с русским интерфейсом:
  • Бинариум

    № 1 в рейтинге! Лучший брокер с самыми большими бонусами за открытие счета! Гарантия честности и надежности. Идеально для новичков!

  • ФинМакс

    Большое количество инструментов для трейдинга. Хороший выбор для опытных трейдеров!

At or towards the stern or rear of a ship

Touching or fast to the bottom

Australian Hold Ladders


Artificial objects to supplement natural landmarks indicating safe and unsafe waters

Above the deck of the ship

In or toward the centre of the ship

Arrival Notice — an import document send to the notify party and/or importer’s broker containing all necessary arrival info for Customs clearance; normally with freight charges.

A place suitable for anchorage in relation to the wind, seas and bottom

Arrival Pilot Station

Method of settling disputes which is usually binding on parties. A clause usually in a charter party

American Shipbrokers Association

Advance Shipment Notice

Any Safe Port in the World

In the back of the ship, opposite of ahead

Actual time of arrival

Actual time of departure

Any Time Day/Night Sundays and Holidays Included

At right angles to the centreline of the ship

Actual Times Used to Count

Where a seller/shipper issues a ‘letter of indemnity’ in favour of the carrier in exchange for a clean bill of lading

Bunker Adjustment Factor. A Fuel Surcharge expressed as a percentage added or subtracted from the freight amount, reflecting the movement in the market place price for bunkers.

Cubic capacity of a vessels holds to carry packaged dry cargo such as bales/pallets

Heavy weight, often sea water, necessary for the stability and safety of a ship which is not carrying cargo

Compensation for relatively long ballast voyage

Bareboat Charter — Owners lease a specific ship and control its technical management and commercial operations only. Charterers take over all responsibility for the operation of the vessel and expenses for the duration.

Before Breaking Bulk. Refers to freight payments that must be received before discharge of a vessel commences

Both Dates Inclusive

The maximum breadth or the greatest width of a ship

Beneath the deck

Both Ends (Load & Discharge Ports)

The Baltic and International Maritime Council

(Bill of Lading) A document signed by the carrier which acts as a Contract of Affreightment, a receipt and evidence of title to the cargo.

Bunker on Board

The forward part of a ship

Bunkers Remaining on Board

Percentage of freight payable to broker (by owners in c/p’s) or applicable to sale or purchase

Basis 1 Port to 1 Port

A vertical partition separating compartments

This is the assembly of pieces of cargo, secured into one manageable unit. This is relevant to items such as Structural Steel, Handrails, Stairways etc. Whilst this is a very flexible description, a rule of thumb is to present cargo at a size easily handled by a large (20 tonne) fork lift.

Name given for vessels Fuel and Diesel Oil supplies (Originates from coal bunkers)

An anchored float used for marking a position on the water or a hazard or a shoal and for mooring

Brackish Water Arrival Draft

Currency Adjustment Factor. A fee applied to the shipping costs to compensate for exchange rate fluctuations.

Cost and Freight

A map used by navigators

Cost, Insurance & Freight. Seller pays all these costs to a nominated port or place of discharge.

Completely knocked down

Contract of Affreightment — Owners agree to accept a cost per revenue tonne for cargo carried on a specific number of voyages.

Carriage and Insurance paid to.

Certificate of Origin — a signed statement from a semiofficial organization certifying the origin of an export item, required by certain nations.

Contract of Affreightment Charter Party

Closing of Business

Closing of Business London

Cash On Delivery

Carriage of Goods by Sea Act

CONSIGNEE. Name of agent, company or person receiving consignment

Charterers Pay Dues

Carriage Paid To

Customary Quick Despatch

Cargo Remaining on Board

Cargo Retention Clauses, introduced by charterers based on shortage of delivered cargo because of increased oil prices

Deliver At Frontier

Days all Purposes (Total days for loading & discharging)

Damages for Detention. Penalty if cargo is not ready when ship arrives for working (1st day of Laycan). This is not detention which is charged for ships time on delay. If the cargo is ready there is no DAMFORDET.

Delivered Duty unpaid.

Delivered Duty Paid.

A permanent covering over a compartment, hull or any part thereof

Demurrage (Quay Rent). Money paid by the shipper for the occupying port space beyond a specified «Free Time» period.

Delivered Ex Quay

Delivered Ex Ship

Despatch. Time saved, reward for quick turnaround — in dry cargo only

Detention (See DAMFORDET)

Deviation. Vessel departure from specified voyage course

Deadfreight. Space booked by shipper or charterer on a vessel but not used

Despatch Half Demurrage on All Time Saved Both Ends

Despatch Half Demurrage on Working Time Saved Both Ends

Dropping Last Outwards Sea Pilot (Norway)

Dropping Off Last Sea Pilot (Norway)

Dropping Outward Pilot

Department of Transport

Discountless and Non-Returnable Cargo and/or Ship Lost or Not Lost


Depth to which a ship is immersed in water. The depth varies according to the design of the ship and will be greater or lesser depending not only on the weight of the ship and everything on board, but also on the density of the water in which the ship is lying.

Materials of various types, often timber or matting, placed among the cargo for separation, and hence protection from damage, for ventilation and, in the case of certain cargoes, to provide space in which the tynes of a fork lift truck may be inserted.

Deadweight. Weight of cargo, stores and water, i. e. the difference between lightship and loaded displacement.

A receeding current

Estimated Time of Arrival — the projected date and time a shipment is scheduled to arrive at its destination.

Estimated Time of Completion

Estimated Time of Departure — the projected date and time a shipment is scheduled to depart from the port/airport of origin.

Estimated Time of Sailing

Free Alongside Ship. Seller delivers goods to appropriate dock or terminal at port of embarkation and buyer covers costs and risks of loading

Free to Carrier. A modern equivalent of FAS used in intermodal transport where goods are transferred at a nominated forwarders premises, depot or terminal but not actually on board vessel.

Full Container Load — a container that is fully loaded by cargo, occupying all space, or loaded to the maximum permissable weight. It can contain cargo from multiple shippers, but normally is consigned to the same consignee. The shipment is expected to be delivered to the consignee with the shipper’s seal intact.

Freight Demurrage Deadfreight

Freight Deemed Earned, Discountless And Non-Returnable (Refundable) Ship And Or Cargo Lost Or Not Lost

A cushion, placed between ships, or between a ship and a pier, to prevent damage

Standard 40’ Container, forty-foot equivalent unit, a standard size intermodal container.

Free In/Liner Out. Seafreight with which the shipper pays load costs and the carrier pays for discharge costs.

Free In/Out. Freight booked FIO includes the seafreight, but no loading/discharging costs, i. e. the charterer pays for cost of loading/discharging cargo.

Free In/Out Stowed. As per FIO, but excludes stowage costs.

Free In/Out and Trimmed. Charterer pays for cost of loading/discharging cargo, including stowage and trimming.

Free In/Out and Trimmed. As per FIOS but includes trimming, e. g. the levelling of bulk cargoes. FIOS includes seafreight, but excludes loading/discharging and stowage costs.

Free In Trimmed

Chartering a Vessel

Conclusion of shipbrokers negotiations to charter a ship — an agreement

Cargo to be presented stacked and secured as an integral unit.

Full Liner Terms

Federal Maritime Commission

Force Majeure Excepted

Fuel Oil/Intermediate FO

Free on Board. Seller sees the goods «over the ship’s rail» on to the ship which is arranged and paid for by the buyer

For Our Guidance

Clause limiting responsibilities of the charterers, shippers and receivers of cargo.

In a line parallel to the keel

Toward the bow of the ship

First Open Water

Free Pratique. Clearance by the Health Authorities

First Refusal. First attempt at best offer that can be matched

The minimum vertical distance from the surface of the water to the gunwale

Freight. Money payable on delivery of cargo in a mercantile condition

If loading/discharging achieved sooner than agreed, there will be no freight money returned.

Free of any Extra Insurance (Owners)

Free of discharge costs to owners. Includes seafreight only.

Charterers when cancelling agreement sometimes quote ‘doctrine of frustration’ i. e. vessel is lost, extensive delays.

Fresh Water Arrival Draft

Fresh Water Departure Draft

For Your Guidance

For Your Information

A general term for ropes, blocks, tackle and other equipment


Grain Capacity. Cubic capacity in ‘grain’

Geographical Rotation. Ports in order of calling

General Rate Increase. Used to describe an across-the-board tariff rate increase implemented by conference members and applied to base rates.

Рынок акций Китая закрылся падением, Shanghai Composite снизился на 1,13%

Investing.com – Фондовый рынок Китая завершил торги пятницы падением на фоне негативной динамики со стороны секторов технологий и оборудования, туризма и отдыха и технологий.

На момент закрытия на Шанхайской фондовой бирже Shanghai Composite подешевел на 1,13%, индекс SZSE Component подешевел на 0,18%.

В лидерах роста среди компонентов индекса Shanghai Composite по итогам сегодняшних торгов были акции Tielong Log (SS:600125), которые подорожали на 1,110 п. (10,04%), закрывшись на отметке в 12,170. Котировки Tibet Urban In (SS:600773) выросли на 1,560 п. (10,03%), завершив торги на уровне 17,110. Бумаги Zhixin Elect (SS:600517) выросли в цене на 1,080 п. (10,03%), закрывшись на отметке 11,850.

Лидерами падения стали акции Xinji Energy (SS:601918), цена которых упала на 1,460 п. (10,03%), завершив сессию на отметке 13,100. Акции Yidong (SS:600148) поднялись на 3,230 п. (10,01%), закрывшись на уровне 29,040, а Electro-Optic (SS:600184) снизились в цене на 3,600 п. (10,01%) и завершили торги на отметке 32,380.

В лидерах роста среди компонентов индекса SZSE Component по итогам сегодняшних торгов были акции Shandong Mining Machinery Group Co Ltd (SZ:002526), которые подорожали на 10,05% до отметки 11,50, Wuhu Token Sciences (SZ:300088), которые набрали 10,02%, закрывшись на уровне 22,29, а также акции Jiangsu Sihuan Bioengineering Co Ltd (SZ:000518), которые повысились на 10,02%, завершив сессию на отметке 6,92.

Лидерами падения стали акции Leo Group Co Ltd (SZ:002131), которые снизились в цене на 10,00%, закрывшись на отметке 48,43. Акции компании Zhuhai Orbita Control Eng (SZ:300053) потеряли 10,00% и завершили сессию на уровне 42,73. Котировки China Aviation Optical-Electrical Technology Co Ltd (SZ:002179) снизились в цене на 10,00% до отметки 47,79.

На Шанхайской фондовой бирже количество подешевевших бумаг (677) превысило количество закрывшихся в плюсе (297).

Котировки акций Jiangsu Sihuan Bioengineering Co Ltd (SZ:000518) выросли до 52-недельного максимума, поднявшись на 10,02%, 0,63 п., и завершили торги на отметке 6,92.

Индекс волатильности CBOE China Etf Volatility, который формируется на основе показателей торговли опционами на Shanghai Composite, упал на 2,32% до отметки 30.25.

Фьючерс на золото с поставкой в декабре потерял 0,70%, или 7,60, достигнув отметки $1.081,10 за тройскую унцию. Что касается других товаров, цены на нефть WTI с поставкой в сентябре снизились на 1,39%, или 0,68, до $47,85 за баррель. Фьючерсы на нефть Brent с поставкой в сентябре подешевели на 1,01%, или 0,54, до отметки $52,77 за баррель.

Между тем на рынке Форекс пара USD/CNY выросла на 0,00% до 6,2098, а котировки EUR/CNY упали на 0,02%, достигнув отметки 6,7865.

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    № 1 в рейтинге! Лучший брокер с самыми большими бонусами за открытие счета! Гарантия честности и надежности. Идеально для новичков!

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