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Gaudi And Modernism In Barcelona


Gaudi And Modernism In Barcelona

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Gaudi And Modernism In Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is considered the essence of Modernism, and certainly it is where the movement left the greatest number of its architectural jewels, many of them widely known. There are, however, pertaining to this historical period other less well-known works that are authentic gems, highly evocative and attractive. This book proposes a discovery of this other Modernist treasure - works that shine with a light of their own, encrusted in the estimable legacy of this artistic movement.

Caudi and Modernism in Barcelona is the third volume in a collection dealing with this artistic current that spread throughout Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, leaving its indelible mark on all areas of aesthetic manifestation. As with the previous volumes, this work is an indispensable tool for visitors with the curiosity and desire to discover more about this movement that brought a new way of understanding architecture and the arts in general. Over 150 colour photographs produced for this book and maps that pinpoint the locations lead readers out of the centre of Barcelona, guiding them through other areas of the city to seek out buildings that form an inherent part of the legacy of Modernist architecture. Moreover, the book includes two special sections dedicated to stained glass and furnishings. These two chapters are a tribute to the excellence of the artists and craftsmen who complement the great names of Modernist architecture, and who with their work contributed to the diffusion and great splendour of a unique movement in the history of architecture and art.

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